The mammot book of short science-fiction novels

de Isaac ASIMOV , Lester DEL REY , Philip Jose FARMER , Larry NIVEN , John W. JAKES , Barry B. LONGYEAR , Gordon Rupert DICKSON , Frederik POHL , Robert SILVERBERG , John W. CAMPBELL , David DRAKE , Phyllis EISENSTEIN , Donald KINGSBURY

The mammot book of short science-fiction novels

Collection : ROBINSON

Éditeur : ROBINSON

EAN : 9780948164224

Poids : 426 g.


  • Isaac ASIMOV (Préface)
  • Isaac ASIMOV Profession
  • John W. CAMPBELL Who goes threre ?
  • Gordon R. DICKSON The mortal and the monster
  • Lester DEL REY For I am a jealous people
  • David DRAKE Time safari
  • Phyllis EISENSTEIN In the Western Tradition
  • Philip Jose FARMER The Alley Man
  • John W. JAKES The sellers of the dream
  • Donald KINGSBURY The moon goddess and the son
  • Barry B. LONGYEAR Enemy Mine
  • Larry NIVEN Flash crowd
  • Frederik POHL In the problem pit
  • Robert SILVERBERG The desert of stolen dreams

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