The Mage Wars

The White Gryphon

de Mercedes LACKEY , Larry DIXON

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Ten years have passed since the death of Urtho, the Mage of Silence. The survivors of the catastrophic battle have built the city of White Gryphon, hoping to found a permanent settlement in a new land. When a delegation from the Court of the Black Kings disputes their existence on the fringes of its territory, the mage-gryphon Skandranon and his friend Amberdrake find their diplomatic skills tested to the fullest as they become embroiled in a conspiracy of assassination that threatens a possible alliance. Set in the world of the popular Valdemar series, this latest novel by coauthors Lackey and Dixon (Chrome Circle, LJ 8/94) tells a tale of intrigue and mystery enhanced by vivid descriptions of an exotic, ritualistic culture. A good purchase for the legions of Valdemar aficionados.

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