All Tomorrow's Parties

de William GIBSON

Collection : Viking

Éditeur : PENGUIN

Quatrième de couverture

"These are not kindly shadows through which he moves, the legs of his narrow trousers like the blades of a deeper darkness. This is a lurking place, where wolves come down to wait for the weaker sheep. He has no fear of wolves, nor of any other predator the city might field, tonight or any other night. He simply observes these things, in the moment.

But now he allows himself to anticipate the sight that awaits him, past the last rhomboid: the bridge's mad maw, the gateway to dream and memory, where sellers of fish spread their wares on beds of dirty ice. A perpetual bustle, a coming and going, that he honors as the city's very pulse.

And steps out, into unexpected light, faux-neon redline glare above a smooth sweep of Singaporean plastic."

Written in his characteristically stylish cyber-noir prose, the book reintroduces characters from Virtual Light and Idoru and completes his triology of the soon-to-be-post-Net world.

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