The Age of Fire — 1

Dragon Champion


Collection : ROC

Éditeur : ROC

Poids : 436 g.

Livre neuf indisponible à la librairie.

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Quatrième de couverture

High in the mountains, deep in the safety of a cave, a brood of dragons is born. The four young ones are among the last of a dying breed-the final hope for dragons' survival. But hope shatters when a murderous group of slave-trading dwarves breaks into the cave, leaving death and destruction in its wake....Only young Auron, a rare scaleless gray dragon, manages to escape. Armed with nothing save wit, claws, and a boundless determination to survive, he seeks his kind. But to find other dragons-or, at least, discover who's killing them off-Auron will have to search a world of mercenary elves, vicious humans, and dangers of all kinds. Winning allies in the strangest places-and finding himself along the way-Auron embarks on the journey of a thousandyear lifetime...."