Prime Evil

de Douglas WINTER , Stephen KING , Paul HAZEL , Dennis ETCHISON , Clive BARKER , Thomas TESSIER , M. John HARRISON , David MORRELL , Peter STRAUB , Charles L. GRANT , Thomas LIGOTTI , Ramsey CAMPBELL , Whitley STRIEBER , Jack CADY

Collection : NAL Books

Éditeur : NAL BOOKS

Poids : 576 g.


  • The Night Flier by Stephen King
  • Having a Woman at Lunch by Paul Hazel
  • The Blood Kiss by Dennis Etchison
  • Coming to Grief by Clive Barker
  • Food by Thomas Tessier
  • The Great God Pan by M. John Harrison
  • Orange is for Anguish Blue for Insanity by David Morrell
  • The Juniper Tree by Peter Straub
  • Spinning Tales with the Dead by Charles L. Grant
  • Alice's Last Adventure by Thomas Ligotti
  • Next Time You'll Know Me by Ramsey Campbell
  • The Pool by Whitley Strieber
  • By Reason of Darkness by Jack Cady

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