The Final Evolution

de Jeff SOMERS

The Final Evolution

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Collection : ORBIT

Éditeur : ORBIT

EAN : 9781841499437

Parution : 1 juin 2011

Pagination : 374 p.

Poids : 213 g.

Quatrième de couverture

The world is dying. With avatars replacing humans and the birth rate non-existent, the human race is almost extinct. Only one man could save it – and it’s not Avery Cates.


In the end, it comes down to Canny Orel, Avery’s long sought after nemesis – transformed now into something other than human – and Cates. And when Cates chances on a way to trick the advantage away from the old master, he suddenly has a choice to make: get his long-delayed revenge, or save the world.

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